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Primary and Secondary Packaging:

We do contract packaging for a number of multinational companies since opening the packaging facility and they have been satisfied with the fast and effective service we offer.

References available upon request.

 We have the advantage of no backlog or long lead times and can provide a very fast service.

 No packaging job is too big or too small for us.

 We work together to solve problems and we will find a solution for all your packaging needs.

 Contact us and we will be glad to discuss and give a quotation for all your packaging needs.

We are currently able to offer the following:

Primary packaging of solid dosage forms for Complimentary products.

 Filling of solid products in bottles, securitainers.

Secondary packaging of all other dosage forms

 Labeling and packaging of all kinds bottles, securitainers, vials (10 ml to 1 litre)

 Hand packaging of all types of primary packs e.g. blister strips, cream/ointment tubes, sachets, ampoules and vials

We do all those big and small re-packaging jobs that nobody wants to help you with.


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